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“I do this work, 365 a year and it is very important. We will continue to fight to bring more awareness . . . mobilizing people to get them out to vote builds our power and strength.”

- Brittany Smalls, BVM Pennsylvania State Coordinator

Brown, who was recently named as a Harvard Fellow, co-founded the Black Voters Matter Fund, a crucial political machine that focuses on getting Black people registered to vote as well as policy and organizing, because of such low turnout of Black voters in the 2016 presidential election.

“Old systems are breaking down and new systems will have to take its place,”Brown continued. “As the fragility of American democracy is being exposed we're witnessing the rise of bold fearless Black women political leaders..."

- BVM Co-Founder, LaTosha Brown

“Young folks have a voice. Young folks are the engine of change and they deserve to be heard. They deserve to be supported.”

- BVM Co-Founder, Cliff Albright

“Our job is to help our folks to understand that they have power when they work together and how to use that power to better our community and to better their situation here at Valdosta State and any other city where we do work” - Wanda Mosley, BVM Georgia State Coordinator